Campaigns to ignite impulse purchase of the product.

Point of Purchase and Point of Sale are the terms of marketing strategy adopted to increase or maximize impulse sales or purchase for brands at retail. Research shows approximately 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the location instore. And 53 percent of those in-store purchases are made on impulse.

Point of Purchase displays are used to merchandise specific goods and services adopting various visual marketing campaigns to ignite impulse purchase of the product. Point of Purchase advertising is a generic term for display units (e.g. retail display stands, showcases, interactive displays, literature dispensers, poster holders, sign holders etc.) used to merchandise specific goods and services, or as a vehicle for presenting Point of Sale advertising such as printed leaflets, posters, or audio-visual media.

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Five Star Creatives has been applying its expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail to the fabrication and implementation of premium Point-of-Purchase displays.

From an idea to prototyping to mass fabrication, our team of highly trained technical personnel and project managers are committed to the success of your project. As your partners, we will bring your concepts to life. We are a full-service operation providing mission-critical support to ensure that the strategic objectives of your project are achieved.

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