Marketing reminders to your valued customers

Corporate Gifts are becoming more and more important as competition increase globally. They function as marketing reminders to your valued customers for their onging support and patronage.

We will guide you through the ins and outs of the latest trends in corporate gift giving to maximize the ROI on expenditure.

When an advertising promotion is planned, the unit that measures the ROI (Return On Investment) is based on CPI (Cost Per Impression). CPI is the calculation of cost for your each message to reach an average customer. By dividing the total campaign cost by the number of people reached, your will often have a somewhat clear idea how you are going about.

Every Step of the Way

Five Star Creatives has been applying its expertise, knowledge, and attention to detail to the fabrication and implementation of premium Point-of-Purchase displays.

From an idea to prototyping to mass fabrication, our team of highly trained technical personnel and project managers are committed to the success of your project. As your partners, we will bring your concepts to life. We are a full-service operation providing mission-critical support to ensure that the strategic objectives of your project are achieved.

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